Tamil Crossword Applet

The following text is in Valai-Sri Tamil font. If you are not able to see/enter the Tamil letters please download Valai-Sri font from here.

Wnft tmizf KBkfekZtfT W[f[{mf paiEcatA[ niAlyilf WRkfkibT. tvBkQkfK m[f[ikfkv|mf.nirpfp|mf MAby|mf (kIEz) tbfEpaAtkfK `^gfkiltftilf WRkfkibT.



How to fill the crossword applet?

1. First you need the Valai-Sri Tamil font to enter Tamil characters into the applet. Get it from the link provided at the top. It is free.

2. You may be prompted to install the new Java plugin if you have not done it already. It will not take too much of time.

3. For Entering multiple characterts in a box (for eg. kow or ke etc.) press the Alt key and then type the second letter. For first letter do not press the Alt key. For example for entering ke into one single box you will have to press 'e' and 'Alt-k' characters on the same square. To enter the word Raman you will be pressing the characters r Alt-a m [ Alt-f . (Remember to use the arrow keys to move to the correct squares.)

4. To change a letter go to the square and just type the different character. To erase the character press space bar. You can use arrow keys to navigate between the squares. The clues will be changed/displayed only when squares with numbers are highlighted.

5. The clues for this applet were created in a hurry for testing and hence may not be good.

6. Open the character map of the font face in your machine so that you can refer to that for typing the Tamil characters. Typing them is not very difficult. The font is well designed so that phonetically most of the letters are similar to that of english. For eg. k for ka, m for ma and n for na etc. (In windows OS the character map will be in the 'accesseries' of the start menu.)

7. Further things to be developed are
* Direct answer checking in the applet itself.
* More generalization to include different sizes.
* With Mylai font the applet got aborted while testing and hence I could not use that font. Best for internet I think is Valai-Sri font.

8. Any suggestions regarding the improvement of the applet is welcome.
Please send mail to epowerx@yahoo.com or enter in the guestbook entry linked below. Send mail if you have any problems also. Or else the easiest way send information to me is to fill in the form below and press send it in button.

9. Anybody who wants to create crosswords and publish can also contact me. This applet is modular and will read from a file about the clue structure. So it is easy to create new crosswords. I also beleive that it could easily be ported to other Indian langauges.

10. Answers to this crossword can be found here.

For suggestions or problems please send mail.
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