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Washington Trip photos

All memorials

These are not in the order which we took them. And only one or two of them were taken by me. So I am not responsible for quality.

Best viewed with "two browser windows". (sorry for bad navigation :).
  1. Jefferson memorial from far
  2. Jefferson memorial inside
    Dont ask me who is Jefferson. See the bad lighting. But the coverage is more. There are some other Indians also around.
  3. Lincoln memorial
    Those are my roommates. (Just to prove we were there). Lincoln seems to be angry with us.
  4. Lincoln memorial outside
    Could not sit for more than a minute. It was too hot. (See the faces carefully :).
  5. Viking spacecraft
    This was in air and space museum. (very dark)
  6. Near Vietnam war memorial
    Somebody showing their photographic talent. (not me).
  7. War monument
    We were really tired to walk from there. (not just to take the photo).
  8. War monument
    View from river side.
  9. My house
    Looks deserted and not impressive from outside. (Zoom helps here. You can see difference from next picture.)
  10. In front of my house
    Lots of people were trying to take pictures like us. But it was tough since it was on the street and lots of people were moving in that. Everybody ended up clicking somebody else crossing.
  11. My roommates
    Playing a game seriously at friends house where we stayed in philadelphia. The child owner (above the head of left side person) was crying.

Museum and memorial

  1. FDR Memorial-1
  2. FDR Memorial-2
  3. FDR Memorial-3
    FDR has got lots of one liners. Its there all around the wall.
  4. Apollo II
    This was the moon lander. Behind this was a small piece of moon which people can touch. It was smooth like metal. May be because too many people were touching it. I heard some people are afraid of touching that. (They were probably afraid of germs because of too many people touching.)
  5. Before Dark
  6. After Dark
    Those are some flourescent rocks kept in museum. (Not related to moon). Pictures are not good.
  7. Band
    Some Independence day celebrations.
  8. Dinosaur
    Dinosaur skeleton. Again bad light and picture.
  9. Elephant
    Picture had to go thru some processing before anything was made visible.
  10. Car
    As always any Indian who has a camera and has a car will do this first. This one was taken by me. (Because i was asked to). You can see some Indians walking in the right side. They were coming from a bakery. That grocery store which u see in the right side is owned by a mallu. (And some secrets: This guy is not the owner of the car. The camera is borrowed one :).


These are all jewels in the museum. Not very intersting (except for females). In the museum this was the most crowded part. I am not sure whether I have put the names of jewels correctly. I didnt see them fully because of crowd. Roommate took all photos patiently. The quality is also not very good. I could also see most of the Indian and some chinese crowd here. Most of these jewels are historically from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka.
  1. I think Diamonds
  2. Blue Diamond
  3. Some jewel
    I dont know the name.
  4. More diamonds plus some other jewel
  5. Crown
  6. Same crown
  7. Larger diamonds
  8. Large blue diamond
  9. Large blue diamond with flash
    Pretty bad red eye though that was not the subject. There was a big story around this and has a myth that it has got bad luck associated with it. (When camera flashes diamond doesnt flash!)
  10. Again diamonds
  11. Some Jewel
    Again i dont know.
  12. I think emerald
  13. I dont know what is happening
  14. Diamonds again
  15. Probably Ruby
  16. Ruby
  17. Blue diamonds again?
    This is all waste of snaps in camera.