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Date of Travel: August 25, 2001

  1. Starting
    Packed up and ready to move at house.
  2. In the car
    Some where on the way. I dont know when and where.
  3. Sceneary?
    By the side of the road in New Hampshire.
  4. On the Bridge
    Parked the car and got ready to climb Mt. Washington. This place is very close to the start of the trail and the time was around 2PM. Almost everybody was coming down and we were the only ones climbing up.
  5. Lester
    Roommate at the same place as the above photo but down the bridge.
  6. Waterfall
    Some waterfall on the way of climbing. Cant go near the water easily.
  7. Somewhere on the trail
    The trail divides here. Around 4 miles to go.
  8. Another rest
    Another trail divide.
  9. Halfway to the top, Adi.
  10. Lester at same place.
    No he is not falling down.
  11. Me at same place.
    After this the camera did not work properly and no more photos. Anything wrong with my face?

    But we really climbed to the top. Reached there around 8 PM. Coming down is a different story.