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My name is R. Navaneethakrishnan. My image is here.

I was born in 1975 at Ottanatham a small village near Thirunelveli which is in southern Tamilnadu which is in South India which is ... Had my school studies at Lakshmi Mills Higher Secondary School at Kovilpatti which is also near Thirunelveli. Somehow did my B. E. (Bachelor of Engineering) at Anna University, Chennai. Then proceeded to Master of Engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

After M. E. joined Sasken Communication Technologies in Bangalore and i was working there for three years. I have recently moved to The MathWorks USA. I mostly work in DSP.

Personally anything new is interesting to me. I like playing chess and so the separate chess links page other than my favourite links page. I usually play online at FICS with userid navan.

I got interested in fractals when i saw some fantastic images and galleries in the net and started my own creations. It was surprising for me that great programs like fractint and povray were available for free. Immediately i downloaded them installed in my machine and started working (wasting time) on them. After spending more and more time on that i slowly found that i am less good at producing artistic images and more and more time is going for that than for the necessary things. Temporarily i am out of it, but surely will start producing fractals as soon as i find time (like everybody says).

I like to read novels and nonfiction books if they are interesting enough. I like reading asterix very much. What a set of nice characters they have created in them. The best one of them is obelix and his comments (laments).

Other than asterix i read mostly novels which are in Tamil than English mainly because i can read Tamil fast (and understand fully). The most recent novel i read was SwarnaMukhi by Sri Venugopalan. That was about a Vijayanagar empire's princess with a very sad ending. :-( .In Tamil my favourite author is now(it changes) Sandilyan after reading Mannan Magal a great historic novel with Karikalan as hero. Now i am reading two more books by him. I have read only one novel of T. Janakiraman, that is Nala Bagam which is also a great novel. Anyway there are a lot to read particularly when anybody who can read and write, are producing books. Also since many people have asked, I want to mention that none of these Tamil novels are available online. I bought the books.

I recently read Abdul Kalam's biography also. He is really a great man. All Indians should read it.

(getting bored? me too.).

I see movies rarely mainly because of laziness to stand in theater qs.

Finally even after reading this if u want to contact me, u can mail me. (I surely will reply if a reply is needed). Well, you can become my friend. I am all alone as of now. All friends have gone very far (not because I am bad).

Thx for visiting and reading upto this line.

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